Second Extra Credit Assignment – Hume, Causation, Pharmaceuticals

This assignment is completely optional. Write 1-2 pages (double-spaced, same format as the essays) in response to the following prompt. Submissions must be uploaded to the TED site by the beginning of class on Wednesday, March 7th. No paper copy needs to be handed in. No late submissions will be accepted!!

  • Read all of this article from WIRED Magazine. Explain (completely in your own words) how Hume’s accounts of cause and effect relations and of necessary connections can be applied to problems regarding the development of new pharmaceuticals. In your write-up, appeal to specific examples from the article, and to specific aspects of Hume’s theory.


This extra credit assignment can be worth up to 5 points (2.5%) of the final course grade. I’ll grade them roughly as follows:

5 = A /A+

4 = B+/A-

3 = B-/B

2 = C

1 = D

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