Extra Credit assignment – Objections and Replies to Descartes’ Meditations

This assignment is completely optional. Write 1-2 pages (double-spaced, same format as the essay) in response to the following prompt. Submissions must be uploaded to the TED site by the beginning of class on Wednesday, February 8th. No paper copy needs to be handed in; grades and comments will be distributed electronically. No late submissions will be accepted!!

  • Read through the third and fourth sets of “Objections and Replies” to Descartes’ Meditations (RMP1 63-80). (The third set was written by Hobbes and the fourth by Arnauld.) Choose the objection that you think is the most problematic for Descartes. First, summarize the objection completely in your own language (no quotations at all). Then, summarize Descartes’ reply to the objection, also in your own language. Devote equal space to both halves of the assignment. (Note that many of Descartes replies are very brief. If you choose to write on one of these, you will need to say must more on Descartes’ behalf than he does himself.)

This extra credit assignment can be worth up to 5 points (2.5%) of the final course grade. I’ll grade them roughly as follows:

5 = A /A+

4 = B+/A-

3 = B-/B

2 = C

1 = D

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