Phil 3300 – Theory of Knowledge (Fall 2013)


Grading Policies

Required Texts:

Epistemology: Contemporary Readings (ed. by Michael Huemer; isbn: 0415259215)

Empiricism and the Philosophy of Mind (Wilfred Sellars; isbn: 0674251555)

Perception as a Capacity for Human Knowledge (John McDowell; isbn: 0874621798)

Links to other texts (hosted on CANVAS; SUU log in required):

Descartes: Meditations 1 and 2

Grice and Strawson: In Defense of a Dogma

Davidson: On the Very Idea of a Conceptual Scheme

Quine: Epistemology Naturalized

Churchland: Epistemology in the Age of Neuroscience

Alston: Sellars and the Myth of the Given

Burge: Perceptual Entitlement

Handouts and Assignments

Handout: Huemer on Direct Realism and Brains in Vats

Assignment: First Essay

Handout: Berkeley’s Empiricism and Phenomenalism

Handout: Russell’s Arguments about Universials

Assignment: Second Essay

Handout: Grice and Strawson on Meaning

Assignment: Third Essay

Assignment: Fourth Essay